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I'm not sure how, but apparently Christmas is right around the corner. What!? If you're anything like me, I refuse to fully acknowledge this until the day after Thanksgiving. At that point we go zero to sixty into Christmas mode and it's GLORIOUS!   While we do our best to soak up all the Christmas things- decorations, music, events, you name it- we also do our best to keep Jesus at the very center. It is a real challenge to keep our kids focused on the real meaning for the season and there are times when I'm playing absolute defense...

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Choosing Love.

Is it just me or have news headlines been getting increasingly shocking lately? And the scariest part- at least for me- are the reactions. The reactions from people just like you and me... or at least the people surrounding you and me. The grace and understanding seem to be drowned out by all the ugly.    When that happens- as it seems to nearly every day- we're learning to choose love.    We do it for our own sanity- but more importantly we do it because we have little people watching us. Three little people to be exact. And as...

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If you know me- at all- you know my obsession with all things notebooks. I have a basket in my office at home that is stuffed full of all my journals dating back to when I was ten years old. I began my very first after watching my Grandma write her prayers down in her own prayer book and wanted to do the same. And now I watch as Audrey hoards her own in every crevice possible in our house. It's genetic.    Earlier today I was looking back through my current journal and found my prayers list from December, just...

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is it worth it?

We've been doing this 'coffee thing' officially for a couple of months now. That's a couple of months of me talking about coffee probably way too much... and all of you patiently listening to me talking about coffee way too much :).    But, the thing is, is that I'm not so much talking about coffee as much as I'm talking about our cause. And any chance to talk about that is a chance worth taking. I'm talking about the orphans locally and globally, of course, who we are just determined and humbled to help.    Naturally, when talking, friends...

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Our Village is Growing! (thanks to YOU)

Thanks to YOU, our village has been growing! We want to thank you. It's because of you that our village is growing- and the bigger the village, the bigger the impact.In the past month we have roasted nearly 400,000 coffee beans.Beans from Ethiopia, Rwanda, Colombia and El Salvador.And we've watched those beans go to multiple states,covering the mid-west + east and west coasts.Our vision for creating a global village is well on its way to fruition. Want to keep helping? (we hope so) - here are 3 ways:1. The obvious one, let us be your coffee source! 2. Share this blog post, our Facebook...

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