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gifts that just. keep. giving.

I'm not sure how, but apparently Christmas is right around the corner. What!? If you're anything like me, I refuse to fully acknowledge this until the day after Thanksgiving. At that point we go zero to sixty into Christmas mode and it's GLORIOUS!


While we do our best to soak up all the Christmas things- decorations, music, events, you name it- we also do our best to keep Jesus at the very center. It is a real challenge to keep our kids focused on the real meaning for the season and there are times when I'm playing absolute defense against people who mean well, but are unfortunately drowning me out. So, I focus on what I CAN control and try to be at peace with the rest. 


One simple thing that I can control is how I give gifts. I try to go for quality over quantity. Focusing on quality means not getting caught up in the urge to give our kids (and friends, family) ALL the things, but rather really putting thought and care into each gift. 


This year I want to push it further. As much as possible, I want to gifts that keep giving. Gifts that tell a story and give back. There are so, so many choices. I thought I would share a handful here that I have come across and have bookmarked for myself. 



Lets put the moose on the table first, shall we and let me shamelessly mention that coffee from The Village Roastery would be a great choice :) for the coffee lover in your life. Our beans are freshly roasted, the highest of quality, always organic and the best part is that we give 100% of the proceeds to orphan care locally and globally. See what we're currently roasting and order HERE.



Jewelry handmade in Cambodia to celebrate bravery and empower women across the globe. Shop HERE.


Conscious step makes socks that champion causes that matter. The most comfortable socks are matched to charities to end hunger, educate children and plant trees. Shop HERE.


This company creates good products that then feed the world. Founded in 2007 by Lauren Bush with the simple idea of creating products that would engage people in the fight against hunger in a tangible way. Every product has a number stamped on it that signifies the amount of meals or micronutrient packets provided with its purchase. Nine years later, they’ve built a movement connecting customers to the cause, one bag at a time. Shop HERE.


Handmade bracelets from Costa Rica. Pura Vida supports 100+ artisans in Costa Rica with full-time jobs and has donated more than one million dollars to charitable partners. Shop HERE.


Non-profit, fair trade dedicated to lifting disadvantaged artisans, farmers and their families out of poverty. Behind every basket, tunic and necklace is a story of positive change. A story of an empowered artisan or farmer who works in a safe environment, can send his or her children to school and can save for the future with the reliable income he or she earns through fair trade. Shop HERE.


Sevenly's mission is to lead a generation toward generosity. Based on a simple, core belief that "people matter," the Sevenly team activated the new global "cause art" movement with 7-day cause campaigns, inviting customers to purchase products that donate to non-profits. Each campaign and every product also creates conversations. They focus on 7 causes: Autism, Kindness, Education, Vets/Military, Humanitarian, Great Outdoors, Hope>Cancer and Families Matter. Shop each collection HERE.


The beautiful combination of smiles and happiness is the hallmark of Everything Happy. Trademarked by its "one to love, one to give" philosophy, Everything Happy is determined to bring smiles to every child - both locally and worldwide. For every Happy product purchased, another one is given to a child in need. This incredible mission all stems from the brilliant mind of David Holdridge. Shop HERE.


It started with a simple concept: A ball- an ultra-durable ball to bring the transformative power of play to the hundreds of millions of youth who don’t even have something as simple as a ball. Since being founded in 2010, they've distributed over 1 million balls to communities around the world. For each ball (or other product) purchased, one is given away. Shop HERE.


Beautiful, handmade scripture jewelry that supports adoptive families financially on their journey.  Shop these beautiful pieces HERE.


More than just a mug- these beautiful and inspirational products also gives back. The Created Co supports water and bringing clean and safe drinking water to those in need.  Shop HERE. 


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