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About us

We are Dan + Jessica Engel. Otherwise known as "Mommy & Daddy" to our three adorable monsters.

We are hardcore coffee-lovers, oftentimes out of necessity (note three small children), but always with pleasure. We find a lot of comfort in the perfect cup of coffee. It is our quiet place, our thinking space and our most favorite way to slow down life and soak it all up. 

We live in Hidden Valley Lake, Indiana where we both have full-time careers. Dan is a mechanical engineer and Jessica a global marketer. But in our proverbial free time we have a passion for roasting coffee beans.

It starts with doing our research, learning from the network of roasting aficionados we've come to know to find the best beans from around the world. Oftentimes from some of the most remote farms where the stories of the farmers themselves are as beautiful and inspiring as their locale. 

Then comes the roasting process which is therapeutic in many ways- watching the beans slowly roast, carefully watching and tweaking so that the art and the science dance together just perfectly.

We've been doing this for a couple of years, roasting in small batches to make enough to supply ourselves and close friends and family with home-roasted coffee with no intentions of turning it into anything more. That is until we were called to do just that... more. To combine our love of coffee roasting with a cause that lies deep, deep in our hearts- orphan advocacy.

And that is the long story short of how The Village Roastery was born. An opportunity to sell high-quality, home-roasted coffee with 100% of the profit going to orphan advocacy on both the local and global levels. It's one of those rare win-win-win situations. We get to do something we love, you get to drink some of what we think is the best coffee you'll ever enjoy and together we are building a global village that is providing hope to orphans around the world... one cup of coffee at a time.